Teddy Newmyer and Cynthia Iselin bought a house to fix up in New Orleans.

They live in New Orleans. They are friends.

When they were almost done renovating the house, it caught fire.

Teddy's dad produced The Santa Clause. 

His name is Bobby Newmyer.

He taught Teddy what to do in tragic situations through his example. He was in New York on 9/11. Instead of running away, he ran toward the chaos. He took pictures with a disposable camera.

Bobby Newmyer stayed and helped the firefighters by handing out bottle water.

When Teddy's house was on fire he bought all 80 firefighters burgers. Like father like son.

Teddy and Cynthia got insurance money and renovated the house a second time. It's purple.

Bathroom is done!

Also in this episode, Hot Chicken with a beat. Chance Perdue explains his love for the flaming fowl.


Show notes:

music by Kelly Latimore as well as The Insider.

Special thanks to Bobby Hopkins for his editorial help.

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