Neighbors is once again live from my back yard. 10 storytellers poured their hearts out. 5 of them are featured here.

Emily Lambright

In this Episode:
Blake Farmer, reporter at WPLN in Nashville, tells a story of being a rockstar in the Philipines.

Hal Humphreys, private investigator, talks about what it feels like to lose his freedom.

Hal's podcast The Sound Of Pursuit can be found at

Tasha Lemley, co-founder of the street newspaper the Contributor, reminisces on an encounter with a child actor.

Here's a link to Tasha's TED talk 

and her chai tea business, Chai Wallah

calm down everyone

Josh Spilker, writer and my across the street neighbor, reads from his ebook Woodbine about our neighborhood.

You can get Josh Spilker's ebook Woodbine at


Emily Keafer, also actual neighbor, illuminates a rare treasure she found in the attic.

Greg Lafollete plays a Wilco cover to close us out.

Listen till the end for a preview of the next episode.

note* This episode contains censored profanity.



Tasha Lemley






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