Neighbors is a show from Nashville Public Radio by me, Jakob Lewis. It's a show about what connects us. Whether it's food, death, ritual, language, family or friendship, there is a lot to gather around in this world. I look around me and tell stories about my neighbors. You just might find yourself in some of them.   


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Jakob lewis Creator/Host

Jakob is a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop the best radio school on the planet. He is the founder of the audio collective The Heard, a collective podcasters from all over North America with sound-rich narrative driven shows.


Jakob lives in Nashville, TN with his two dogs and one wife.  He loves Irish music, the movie ghostbusters, camping, early morning coffee dates, and re-watching The Office.  He has a degree in Religion, has fought forest fires, made a living as a custom woodworker, and wants to hear your story.

tweets @NeighborsNash.    
Call him 615-336-7778
If you are a radio producer and need a tape-sync or a cup of coffee in the Nashville area feel free to reach out.