Lean in and get an intimate foray into the lives of your neighbors. "The Heard" podcast collective cofounder Jakob Lewis produces artful stories about the people we pass every day—showing that we have more in common than we might think. From barbers to improv comedians, from shoe shiners to street musicians Jakob invites you to get to know your neighbors. Neighbors is from Nashville Public Radio.


 Photo by Nikki Viverette

Photo by Nikki Viverette

Jakob lewis Creator/Host

Jakob is a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop the best radio school on the planet. He is the founder of the audio collective The Heard, a collective of podcast producers from all over North America with sound-rich narrative driven shows. He was mentioned in The New Yorker once and won the "Best Society and Culture Podcast" at Podcast Movement 2016. 

Jakob lives in Nashville, TN with his two dogs and one wife.  He loves Irish and old time music,  camping, fountain pens, early morning coffee dates, and graphic novels.  He has a degree in Religion, was in a rock n roll band, has fought forest fires, made a living as a custom woodworker, and wants to hear your story.

Tweets @NeighborsNash  
Insta @NeighborsJakob 
E-mail: jakob@wpln.org
If you are a radio producer and need a tape-sync or a cup of coffee in the Nashville area feel free to reach out.

 Photo by Tiago Queiroz

Photo by Tiago Queiroz

Paula Moura Production Assistant Intern

Paula is a graduate student at The City University of New York. She has contributed to major American news outlets such as The New York Times, NPR and The Washington Post in her home country, Brazil.

Born in a small town in the Brazilian coffee-producing countryside, Paula moved to Sao Paulo to study journalism. There, she was also a songwriter, singer and screamer in a punk band and gave workshops on Japanese green tea after she lived in Japan, where she got a purple belt in karate and learned bad words in Japanese.

Tweets: @PaulaMoura_BR
Email: paula.moura@journalism.cuny.edu 
Phone: (347) 696-6593