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Lean in and get an intimate foray into the lives of your neighbors. Jakob Lewis, co-founder of the podcast collective "The Heard," produces artful stories about the people we pass everyday — showing that we have more in common than we might think. From barbers to improv comedians, from shoeshiners to street musicians, Jakob invites you to get to know your neighbors.



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Neighbors is in its fifth season. Episodes are released bi-weekly on Tuesdays. In 2018 there will be no new episodes in June and December.

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Jakob Lewis is a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop. He is the founder of the audio collective The Heard, a collective of podcast producers from all over North America with sound-rich, narrative-driven shows. He was mentioned in The New Yorker and won the "Best Society and Culture Podcast" at Podcast Movement 2016.

Jakob lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife and two dogs. He loves Irish music, the movie Ghostbusters, camping, early morning coffee dates, and re-watching The Office.  He has a degree in religion, was in a rock ‘n’ roll band, fought forest fires, made a living as a custom woodworker and wants to hear your story.


Neighbors is from Nashville Public Radio and is produced by Jakob Lewis with production assistance from Caleb Shiver. The show’s editors are Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh and Anita Bugg.


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The New Yorker - “I’m never going to be on Radiotopia or Gimlet. And I decided, in my naïve anger, that I was just going to start my own thing.”

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The Daily Dot

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Best Society and Culture Podcast, Podcast Movement 2016

Best Documentary, Tennessee News Excellence Awards 2016


Live Events

WPLN’s Podcast Party - May 11, 2016 a live showcase of Nashville Public Radio’s podcast at Nashville Children’s Theater. Jakob told a live rendition of the episode “Every Breath Is Precious” with live scoring by grammy award winning member of the band Jars Of Clay, Charlie Lowell.


Neighbors House Party - Sept 17, 2016 - A night full of singing, drinking, and characters from the show held at Yazoo Brewing Company in Nashville, Tenn.

Jars Of Clay Family Christmas Show - Dec. 1 2016 - 600 people at The Factory in Franklin, TN. Jakob told a version of “The Organ Donor” scored by grammy award winning member of the band Jars Of Clay, Charlie Lowell, with cello by Matt Nelson.




Click to download the entire electronic press kit

Click to download the entire electronic press kit

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What people are saying about Neighbors

At a time in history where people know more about celebrities and their facebook friends in far flung places than they do about the woman who lives two doors down, Jakob Lewis continually reminds listeners of the rich rewards awaiting people who get curious about their neighbors.
— Andy Mills Producer at NY Times Daily and Radiolab
There is so much divisiveness in the media today. We don’t really need more stories and reporting to divide us. Neighbors Podcast stands out because, at its core, it connects us, bring us together. Jakob Lewis’ stories may be set in Nashville, but they could be anywhere. And we need them.
— Rob Rosenthal Lead instructor at the Transom Story Workshop and host of HowSound
I’ve a soft spot for locally produced shows that take me places I’ve never visited or have only passed through. Neighbors is both intrinsically tied to Nashville — the pace, the sound, the warm unspoken invitation that urges you to say “hey” to those who live within a small city that both embodies modern southern charm and defies its stereotypes — yet could take place anywhere I’ve lived. When a wave of nostalgia for my old Kentucky home hits me, I can always turn to Neighbors as a buoy.
— Ma'ayan Plaut Radio Public podcast librarian